Partial Solar Eclipse

April 5, 2024 -- There will be a partial solar eclipse on Monday, April 8th, from 11:51 a.m. to 1:56 p.m., maxing out at 12:53 p.m.

It is not safe to look directly at the sun, without protective eyewear, during a partial solar eclipse, or at any time. For those interested in viewing the total eclipse online, you can view it live here:

Below you will find a number of links with some safety reminders and some suggestions for viewing the partial, or any solar eclipse safely. 

World Autism Awareness Day 2024

APRIL 2, 2024—World Autism Awareness Day (Acceptance Day, Appreciation Day, Celebration Day) is April 2nd. This day marks the beginning of a month-long celebration of the strengths and gifts of those with autism and to consider how those in the neuro-majority can amplify voices of those with autism and ensure neuro-friendly spaces and communities.

This year’s autism month (acceptance, awareness, appreciation, celebration) themes include Moving from Surviving to Thriving, colours (that reflect the many gifts of neurodiversity) and empowering autistic voices.

International Transgender Day of Visibility

MARCH 28, 2024—International Transgender Day of Visibility is an annual awareness day celebrated around the world on March 31st. The day is dedicated to acknowledging the discrimination and violence experienced by people who are transgender. It also celebrates the accomplishments of transgender and gender nonconforming people while raising awareness of the work that still needs to be done to achieve transgender justice.