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Dance Around the World

MAY 2, 2022 -- Grades 7/8 students at Harbour Landing School have been working on a cross-curricular Dance Around the World unit, through which they explored culture through dance. Students learned several dances from around the world in their Physical Education and Arts Education classes.

A big thank you to teachers Inderjit Kamboz and Brianne McFetridge for supporting learners and sharing their knowledge of dance with students. The culminating project was choreographing performances in groups, which resulted in dances from India, Africa, the Philippines, New Zealand, Mexico, and the Middle East, as well as Métis jigging. Staff are very proud of all the students and the effort and dedication they put into their cultural dances.

Educator/Elder Shares Stories and Knowledge with Thomson Students and Staff

APRIL 28, 2022 -- Students and staff at Thomson Community School were thrilled to listen to and learn along with Willie Ermine, who is from Sturgeon Lake First Nation. Storytelling through oral language is a beautiful way for people to connect and engage in an Indigenous worldview.

Willie Ermine is an Assistant Professor with the First Nations University of Canada who lectures in the areas of education, humanities, Indigenous studies and research methods. He has published numerous academic articles, presented at various national and international conferences, and is a profound knowledge keeper and Elder.

Circle of Courage Mural Created at Wilfrid Walker

APRIL 27, 2022 -- The Grade 7 students at École Wilfrid Walker School, with the guidance of Jeff Cappo (Indigenous Education/Advocates/Elders/Truth & Reconciliation Coordinator) and Melanie Mintz (Arts Education teacher and Vice-Principal), embarked on a journey of creativity and learning about the philosophy of the Circle of Courage with the incorporation of Truth and Reconciliation symbols. Jeff and Melanie collaborated on the design, focusing on the importance of the Circle of Courage and the four directions with three important symbols of reconciliation: sage, the white buffalo and the Métis sash.