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Glen Elm Raises Treaty 4 Flag

OCTOBER 14, 2021 -- Glen Elm Community School raised the Treaty 4 flag on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. The school’s wahkotowin team and other staff members worked hard to prepare school activities leading up to their very memorable flag ceremony. They worked with Indigenous Education Coordinator Jeff Cappo to plan the ceremony, worked with students who were a part of the event, and also planned tipi lessons for each classroom to take part in the day.

Honoured guests who participated in the flag-raising ceremony included Knowledge Keeper Gary Gott, Elder Hazel Dixon, Director of Education Greg Enion, Superintendent Jason Coleman, Supervisor of Indigenous Education Vanéa Cyr and SCC President Monique Baird.

World Mental Health Day

OCTOBER 8, 2021 -- World Mental Health Day is observed internationally on October 10th. The overall objectives are to raise awareness of mental health around the world and mobilize efforts in support of mental health.

Regina Public Schools' Mental Health and Well-Being Strategy stresses the importance of raising mental health awareness, reducing stigma, promoting well-being, and creating and sustaining a healthy and supportive workplace culture.

For a list of mental health and wellness community supports available in the Regina area, please visit https://www.reginapublicschools.ca/mental_health_supports.

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World Teachers' Day 2021

OCTOBER 5, 2021 -- Every year on October 5th, the world celebrates World Teachers’ Day to highlight the responsibilities, rights and the value of teachers. UNESCO introduced World Teachers’ Day in 1994 to draw attention to teachers’ contributions and achievements, as well as to teachers’ concerns and objectives in education. The date of October 5th was chosen as the international day to honour teachers since it was on that date in 1966 that a special intergovernmental meeting accepted the UNESCO Recommendation on the Status of Teachers.

The theme of World Teachers' Day 2021 is "Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery" to recognize teachers for their tireless efforts to keep teaching even during hardships such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

October 5, 2021 -- Canada Life is offering a live, interactive, 45-minute event on Wednesday, October 6, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. to discuss how to manage stress in the workplace. This event is taking place before World Mental Health Day, which is on Sunday, October 10, 2021. This online event may be of particular interest to Regina Public Schools parents/caregivers and school families.

For details, please CLICK HERE.

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Orange Shirt Day/National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

SEPTEMBER 29, 2021 -- Every year on September 30th, people across Canada wear orange and participate in Orange Shirt Day events to acknowledge, teach and learn about the terrible, multigenerational legacy created by the residential school system in Canada. It is a time to reflect on the atrocities committed against Indigenous Peoples and to address the ongoing trauma and inequities in our society today.

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Messages of Hope

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 -- In preparation for Orange Shirt Day on September 30th, the students at Judge Bryant School wanted to share messages of hope and positivity beyond the walls of the classroom. To do this, they painted rocks a bright orange colour in honour of those who attended residential schools and the precious lives lost there, and then wrote thoughtful, inspirational messages.

Having these rocks placed throughout the area around the school is intended to inspire members of the community who might come across them. Reconciliation begins with relationship, and this is a way to start that.

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