Affinity Helps Out Bryant Students

DECEMBER 23, 2020 -- For the first time in decades, Judge Bryant School was unable to host their Santa Store. Having been faced with the loss of recreational activities, extracurricular opportunities, and some in-school learning, the Santa Store is another in a long series of things that have been taken away from students this year.

As a result, the Judge Bryant staff wanted to make sure their students received something for the holidays. Enter Affinity Credit Union to the rescue, who came through with a $1,500 grant. Another benefactor of kids, First Books Canada, provided boxes and boxes of books at all reading levels.

As a result of this generosity, each student received a brand-new book and a Judge Bryant T-shirt to help make up for some things that are missing from the season. Hopefully, owning a piece of school clothing, which may not typically be affordable for families, will promote school spirit and a sense of belonging in a year when everyone has been forced to physically distance to stay safe and healthy.