RPS Learning and Re-Engagement Centre

The Learning and Re-Engagement Centre is designed for Grade 10 students who would benefit from a flexible learning environment and a unique high school experience.

By exploring their interests and being supported through individualized instruction, students can re-engage in their education.

Our Mission

At the Learning and Re-Engagement Centre, we take a holistic approach to education and work to understand and meet the complete educational needs of each student. Flexible, one-on-one or small group learning sessions replace traditional classroom structures. Emphasis on relationship building and high academic performance cultivates responsibility, ownership and active learning. Individual attention and a flexible-area work environment create an inclusive learning community.

Opportunities may Include:

  • interest-based learning
  • project-/module-based learning
  • technology-enhanced learning
  • interdisciplinary learning
  • collaborative learning

Applications for the Learning and Re-Engagement Centre

  • School leadership and support teams at the student's home high school will apply for student admission.
  • Acceptance to the program may involve consultations with students, caregivers, home school teachers, administrators and outside agencies.


The RPS Learning and Re-Engagement Centre is located at Scott Collegiate in the mâmawêyatitân centre (3355 6th Ave.). Transportation is not provided.


For more information, contact the Learning and Re-Engagement Centre at (306) 523-3500.