Community Values Award

NOVEMBER 22, 2019 -- Last year, the Creating Successful Outcomes Recognition Program was launched and a number of volunteers, past and present were honoured at a board meeting of the Regina Board of Education. This year, the Board has renamed the volunteer recognition program to better reflect its purpose and to align with Regina Public Schools Shared Values. The program has been renamed The Community Values Award.

The Community Values Award continues to be intended to provide recognition to school division volunteers who have, over the years, dedicated time, energy and personal resources to help create successful outcomes for Regina Public Schools students.

The Community Values Award’s purpose is to allow the Board to formally recognize members of the public that have made significant contributions to their public school communities and to the students of those school communities. The focus of the award is on contributions through the work of School Community Councils (SCC), but also the recognition of the efforts of non-SCC volunteers.

 Who is eligible?

  • All members of the public who have served as an elected member in a Regina Public Schools school community council
  • Any individual who has done work on behalf of a Regina Public Schools’ School Community Council
  • Any individual who has volunteered her/his time or services for the benefit of a Regina Public school, class or student group
  • It is not the intent of this program to honour individual students’ families or mentors/coaches who have only worked with one student
  • Current Regina Public Schools employees are not eligible
  • Current Regina Public Schools students are not eligible
  • Current or former Regina Board of Education trustees are not eligible, unless they have volunteered for a school or the division after their term as trustee

How is eligibility determined?

Eligibility is determined by the Community Relations Committee on behalf of the Regina Board of Education. The Community Relations Committee and the Board will be responsible for collecting names of potential recipients that they believe merit recognition. Names of candidates may typically come from:

  • School Community Councils
  • Principals, school staff and administration
  • Parents and community members
  • Community partners (Regina Police, Fire, Health Region, United Way, Indigenous groups)
  • School division administration
  • Elders
  • Trustees


It is recommended that potential recipients of the Community Values Award meet the following criteria:

  • Shared Values
    • The nominee, through their actions has modeled or displayed the Regina Public Schools Shared Values, as determined by the Board of Education.
    • The potential candidate has not engaged in any activities that are unlawful, immoral or otherwise contrary to the laws of Canada, Saskatchewan, bylaws of the City of Regina, or the Shared Values of Regina Public Schools.
    • All potential candidate names shall be vetted by the Chairperson of the Board of Education, or designate and the Director of Education, or designate.
  • Diversity:
    • The Community Relations Committee will make every attempt to work to identify potential recipients from all Regina Public schools, both those with active SCCs and those who may have a smaller number of parent and/or community volunteers.
    • The Community Relations Committee will make every attempt to work to identify volunteers who may normally not be recognized because their volunteer contributions may be ad hoc in nature or may involve untraditional support of students or school communities. (This can include sharing of stories, expertise or sharing of hands-on skills, both contemporary and traditional).
    • In keeping with the Regina Public Schools commitment to Indigenous student achievement, the Community Relations Committee will encourage feedback from school communities that have higher percentages of Indigenous students and work to identify volunteers that have contributed to those and all students’ successful outcomes.  
  •  Duration of service:
    • While lengthy service an SCC alone does not automatically make an individual eligible, any period of service with an SCC, or several of them, of over three years will be considered as a minimum.
    • There may be volunteers identified through the criteria listed above, who have not served on an SCC, nor have met any length of service criterion, but are, at the discretion of the Board of Education, eligible.

Recipients of the Community Values Award will:

  • Be invited and honoured at a public meeting of the Board of Education
  • Receive a customized certificate signed by the Chairperson of the Board
  • Receive a Regina Public Schools pin
  • Be named on the Regina Public Schools website and on social media

Click here for a pdf copy of the nomination form.


Nomination forms should be returned to:

Regina Board of Education Community Relations Committee
c/o Leanne Wall
Regina Public Schools
1600 4th Avenue
Regina, SK  S4R 8C8

For more information, please contact Leanne Wall at 306-523-3000 or email her here.