Regina Public Schools offers students the opportunity to learn French, Cree and Spanish.

French Language Instruction

Regina Public Schools provides two options for French language instruction: French Immersion and Core French.


  • Both programs offer French language instruction:

          - French Immersion: Grades K-12

          - Core French: Grades 1-12

  • Students understand and appreciate Francophone culture.
  • English language proficiency in reading and writing are enhanced by learning a second language.
  • It is not necessary for French to be spoken in the home for children to experience success in learning a second language.


  • French Immersion allows students to become functionally bilingual. Core French does not produce the same level of bilingualism but gives a solid foundation for post-secondary study that can lead to more fluency.
  • Core French is a mandatory subject from Grades 1 to 8 and is optional in high school. It is taught for 90 to 120 minutes weekly, depending on the grade.
  • The French Immersion program offers instruction predominantly in French all week long. In the first three years of school (K-2), students learn to understand, speak, read and write in French by being taught only in French.
  • Students in French Immersion do not begin English Language Arts until Grade 3. Their English reading and writing skills usually catch up within two to three years after beginning English instruction.
  • Core French in elementary school focuses mainly on oral communication. French Immersion develops the written, as well as oral, aspects of the language.


Elementary Schools

*École Centennial Community School (K-8) - (306) 791-8559

École Connaught Community School (K-8) - (306) 523-3750

École W.S. Hawrylak School (K-8) - (306) 791-8445

*École Massey School (K-8) - (306) 791-8504

École Elsie Mironuck Community School (K-8) - (306) 791-8486

École Dr. A.E. Perry School (K-6) - (306) 791-8476

École Wascana Plains School (K-8) - (306) 523-3770

*École Wilfrid Walker School (K-8) - (306) 791-8531

*French Centre (single-track French Immersion school)

Secondary Schools

Campbell Collegiate (9-12) - (306) 523-3250

Associate Elementary Schools: Connaught, W.S. Hawrylak, Massey, Dr. A.E. Perry, Wascana Plains, Wilfrid Walker

Thom Collegiate (9-12) - (306) 523-3600

Associate Elementary Schools: Centennial and Elsie Mironuck

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Cree Language Instruction

Cree is offered at the following Regina Public elementary schools:

Albert Community School - (306) 791-8539

Coronation Park Community School - (306) 791-8570

Kitchener Community School - (306) 791-8516

Rosemont Community School - (306) 791-8466

Seven Stones Community School - (306) 523-3740

Thomson Community School - (306) 791-8460


Cree is also offered at the following Regina Public high schools:

Balfour Collegiate - (306) 523-3200

Scott Collegiate at the mâmawêyatitân centre - (306) 523-3500


Spanish Language Instruction

Spanish is offered at the following Regina Public high schools:

Campbell Collegiate - (306) 523-3250

Winston Knoll Collegiate - (306) 523-3400