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Please find below some information about health and wellness of interest to parents/caregivers, students and staff. For additional information, please visit the Saskatchewan Health Authority website.

Is my child too sick to attend school? This document and some below may not be current during the COVID-19 pandemic. This document is being updated. For health and safety information, Please refer to this Government of Saskatchewan Link. 

Canada's Food Guide

Communicable Disease Guidelines - Pending revision.

Family Dinner for Literacy

Hand Washing

Help Control Head Lice

Protect Yourself from Viruses  





For up-to-date information, please review the Government of Saskatchewan web page:

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please review the following documents:

Does Your Child Have Symptoms? poster (ADDED November 12, 2020)

Added August 31, 2020. Please follow this link for details about Vital Oxide Disinfectant that is used in every Regina Public school.

ADDED August 27, 2020. The Ministries of Health and Education have worked together to create a comprehensive parent package to help families prepare for the beginning of school on September 8, 2020. Please follow this link for the materials.

Tips to Help Students Returning to School During COVID-19  (ADDED August 21, 2020)

Important Message From the Director. Includes government reopening guidelines (ADDED June 22, 2020)

School playgrounds and play structures open June 12, 2020 (ADDED June 11, 2020)

Students And Staff To Return To Class For The 2020-21 School Year, Guidelines To Be Released As Early As Next Week. (ADDED June 9, 2020)

RPT Letter: COVID-19 Education Update for Saskatchewan Families and Caregivers (ADDED May 7, 2020)

Mental Health Commission of Canada resource:  (ADDED April 9, 2020)

Mood Disorder Society of Canada resource:  (ADDED April 7, 2020)

My Workplace Health resource: (ADDED April 7, 2020)

NEW! Added April 9, 2020. Precautions for Distributing Learning Materials - Government Direction

NEW! Updated April 3, 2020. Supplemental Learning Plan for Students and Families

Posted March 30, 2020. COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Learning Supports for Families and Teachers

Posted March 27, 2020 Video from the Director of Education.

Posted March 26, 2020 Letter to families and students.

Posted March 20, 2020. Letter to families from Education Planning Response Team.

Posted March 19, 2020. How to talk to your child about COVID-19 website.

March 18, 2020 Letter to Students and Parents from Director of Education, Greg Enion.

March 18, 2020. Government of Saskatchewan has declared a State of Emergency,

Posted March 16, 2020. Letter to Parents, Guardians and Students

Posted March 16. Further details to follow. Province Announces Class Suspensions Effective March 20, Wind Down Period Until Thursday

Stop Germs Poster courtesy of Saskatoon Public Schools.

 Posted Mar. 15, 2020. News Release Saskatchewan Keeping Schools Open For Now

Mar13, 2020 News Rel. Province Enhances COVID-19 Prevention Measures

 Letter for Families shared March 13, 2020.

 Posted March 12, 2020. Government of Canada Travel Health Notices

 Posted March 9, 2020 Ministry of Health - COVID 2019 Preparedness

Posted March 9, 2020. Poster - Protect yourself and others!

Information provided by Saskatchewan Ministry of Health: Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Saskatchewan Preparedness

Coronavirus 2019, General Questions and Answers

Posted March 5, 2020 Government of Canada Public Health Information for Travellers.

Posted Feb. 6, 2020 Letter to Stakeholders from Saskatchewan Ministry of Health

Posted Feb. 6, 2020 Coronavirus 2019, Q&A for Schools and Workplaces

Posted Feb. 6, 2020 Infection Control Tips

Posted Feb. 6, 2020 Self-Isolation Information Sheet

Visit the Government of Saskatchewan website for up-to-date information.