Greg Enion, Director of Education

Naomi Mellor, Deputy Director of Division Services/CFO

Darren Boldt, Deputy Director of Student Achievement/School Services



Office of the Director

  • Delaine Clyne, Supervisor of Policy, Planning and Research
  • Terry Lazarou, Supervisor of Communications

Business Services

  • Ashley Kuntz, Superintendent
  • Janine Blyth, Supervisor of Finance

Human Resources and Workplace Diversity

  • Reagan Lowe, Superintendent
  • Lori Daelick, Supervisor of Human Resources (Instructional Staff)
  • Allison Cherkewich, Supervisor of Human Resources (Support Staff)
  • Kate Thompson, Supervisor of HRIS/Payroll & Benefits
  • Shelley Brodziak, Supervisor of Workplace Health & Wellness

Student Achievement/School Services

  • Jason Coleman, Superintendent
  • Lisa Frei, Superintendent
  • Lois Herridge, Superintendent
  • Rick Steciuk, Superintendent
  • Mike Tomchuk, Superintendent
  • Angie Balkwill, Supervisor of Intensive Supports
  • Van√©a Cyr, Supervisor of Indigenous Education
  • Gary Halbert, Supervisor of Intensive Supports
  • Juanita Redekopp-McKeown, Supervisor of Instruction
  • Erik Van Dusen, Supervisor of Assessment


  • Jared Kleisinger, Superintendent
  • Duane Daniels, Project Supervisor (Internal Projects)
  • Henry Funke, Supervisor of Facility Operations
  • Dan Van Buekenhout, Supervisor of Capital Planning