Scott Students Help Cater Luncheon

DECEMBER 15, 2021 -- On November 24th, students from the Scott Collegiate Food Tourism & Hospitality Pathway helped cater the lunch provided at the Indigenous Agriculture Summit.

Chef Jenni Lessard, owner of Inspired by Nature Culinary Consultant and member of the Indigenous Culinary of Associated Nations, worked alongside the students, sharing her recipes. Chef Jenni and the students harvested rosehips for the rosehip lime butter to go with her grandmother’s baked bannock recipe. The bannock was served with a bison stew with bison donated from Canadian Bison and a three sister spice cookie for dessert.

The participants at the summit were grateful to see the youth on stage being proud of what they experienced. As well, Elders said they felt hopeful that the younger generation is being taught about Indigenous food systems.