F.W. Johnson Staff Continue Reconciliation Journey

SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 -- To prepare for the 2022-23 school year, the F.W. Johnson Collegiate learning leader and administration team, along with Indigenous Advocate Deanna Pelletier, created a PD plan called “ka-takosininaw”—we will get there. In its third year, their journey of reconciliation is committed to actions and learning from the land.

On August 30th, F.W. Johnson staff gathered at Lumsden Beach Camp for their opening professional development. The day began with an opening smudge followed by Elder Hazel Dixon sharing teaching about the sacred medicines of tobacco and sage with the staff. Elder Lloyd Carrier taught about the importance of learning from the land and building on the gifts that students bring with them.

Staff were able to spend time picking sage, exploring the camp and building relationships with each other while enjoying a lunch catered by The Bannock House.

Thank you to the Professional Development Advisory Committee for their assistance in funding this experience for the staff.