Information about Coronavirus


For up-to-date information, please review the Government of Saskatchewan web page:

COVID-19 | Emerging Public Health Issues.

Please review the following documents:

Mental Health and COVID (added December 11, 2020)

Symptoms of COVID-19 (updated March 30, 2021)

Self-isolation (updated March 30, 2021)

Self-monitoring (added March 30, 2021)

Added August 31, 2020: Please follow this link for details about Vital Oxide Disinfectant that is used in every Regina Public school.

Added August 27, 2020: The Ministries of Health and Education have worked together to create a comprehensive parent package to help families prepare for the beginning of school on September 8, 2020. Please follow this link for the materials.

Added August 21, 2020: Tips to Help Students Returning to School During COVID-19

Added June 22, 2020: Important Message from the Director; includes government reopening guidelines

Added June 11, 2020: School playgrounds and play structures open June 12, 2020

Added June 9, 2020: Students and Staff to Return to Class for the 2020-21 School Year; Guidelines to be Released as Early as Next Week

Added May 7, 2020: RPT Letter: COVID-19 Education Update for Saskatchewan Families and Caregivers

Added April 9, 2020: Mental Health Commission of Canada resources:

Added April 7, 2020: Mood Disorder Society of Canada resource:

Added April 7, 2020: My Workplace Health resource:

Added April 9, 2020: Precautions for Distributing Learning Materials - Government Direction

Added April 3, 2020: Supplemental Learning Plan for Students and Families

Posted March 30, 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Learning Supports for Families and Teachers

Posted March 27, 2020: Video from the Director of Education

Posted March 26, 2020: Letter to families and students

Posted March 20, 2020: Letter to families from Education Planning Response Team

Posted March 19, 2020: How to talk to your child about COVID-19 website

Posted March 18, 2020: Letter to Students and Parents from Director of Education, Greg Enion

Posted March 18, 2020: Government of Saskatchewan has declared a State of Emergency

Posted March 16, 2020: Letter to Parents, Guardians and Students

Posted March 16, 2020: Further details to follow: Province Announces Class Suspensions Effective March 20, Wind Down Period Until Thursday

Stop Germs Poster courtesy of Saskatoon Public Schools

Posted March 15, 2020: News Release Saskatchewan Keeping Schools Open For Now

Posted March 13, 2020: News Release Province Enhances COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Shared March 13, 2020: Letter for Families

Posted March 12, 2020: Government of Canada Travel Health Notices

Posted March 9, 2020: Ministry of Health - COVID 2019 Preparedness

Posted March 9, 2020: Poster - Protect yourself and others!

Information provided by Saskatchewan Ministry of Health: Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Saskatchewan Preparedness

Coronavirus 2019, General Questions and Answers

Posted March 5, 2020: Government of Canada Public Health Information for Travellers

Posted February 6, 2020: Letter to Stakeholders from Saskatchewan Ministry of Health

Posted February 6, 2020: Coronavirus 2019, Q&A for Schools and Workplaces

Posted February 6, 2020: Infection Control Tips


Visit the Government of Saskatchewan website for up-to-date information.