International Language Day in Saskatchewan

FEBRUARY 2, 2024—The Ministry of Education has officially declared February 3, 2024 as International Language Day in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Association of International Languages (SAIL) invites everyone to celebrate all languages in the world on Saturday, February 3rd at 2:00 p.m. in the Education Auditorium, College of Education, University of Regina. This free event will feature cultural performances, singing and lots more. Partner organizations include Multilingual Association of Regina (MLAR), Government of Saskatchewan, SaskCulture and Sask Lotteries.

Staff Appreciation Week 2024

FEBRUARY 2, 2024—The Ministry of Education has officially declared February 11-17, 2024 as Staff Appreciation Week in Saskatchewan. This year's theme is "Shaping the Future Together."

Thank you, staff members of Regina Public Schools, for your caring and commitment to students and to the continuous improvement of public education in Regina. No matter your position with Regina Public Schools, we are all part of a very important job of educating students and giving them the knowledge and skills to be successful. Every day you make a vital difference in the lives of students and their families!

February is Psychology Month!

FEBRUARY 2, 2024—February is Psychology Month, and this year's theme is "Climate Crisis and Coping." It is celebrated every February to highlight the contributions of Canadian psychologists and to show Canadians how psychology works to help people live healthy and happy lives, their communities flourish, their employers create better workplaces, and their governments develop effective policies.

Thank you to Regina Public Schools' educational psychologists for improving the lives of students and staff and for fostering mental health, well-being and success.