2019-20 Board Chair and Vice-Chair Acclaimed

SEPTEMBER 24, 2019 -- An Organizational Meeting of the Regina Board of Education was held September 24, 2019. Mrs. Katherine Gagne was declared elected, by acclamation, to the office of Chairperson, effective immediately, and Mr. Adam Hicks was declared elected, by acclamation, to the position of Vice-Chairperson, effective immediately.

The election of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson occurs annually at the Regina Board of Education’s open-to-the-public Organizational Meeting.

Regina Board of Education Trustees were elected, re-elected or acclaimed at the October 26, 2016 civic election.  They are:

Dr. Jane Ekong – Subdivision 1

Aleana Young – Subdivision 2

Adam Hicks – Subdivision 3

Cindy Anderson – Subdivision 4