VTRA (Violence Threat Risk Assessment)

In 2017, the Regina Human Service Partnership (RHSP) signed the Regina Human Service Partnership's Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment & Support Protocol at a ceremony at Campus Regina Public. This is an essential tool for creating and maintaining safe environments for students, staff, parents/guardians and community members.

It is important for all parents to read and understand the community Violence Threat Risk Assessment & Support Protocol information. Below, please find links to review the brochure, the protocol document and a letter to all parents and guardians by Greg Enion, Director of Education.

The RHSP is made up of representatives from Regina Public Schools; Regina Catholic Schools; Regina Police Service; Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region, Child & Youth Services; Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services; Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice, Corrections & Policing; City of Regina Fire & Protective Services; City of Regina Community Services; and the Regina Open Door Society. 

Through a collaborative process involving research, consultation, and input from the various agencies, the members of the RHSP have formalized their partnership and developed the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment & Support Protocol to facilitate their work together. The Protocol’s vision states that “Violence prevention in our schools and communities is a community responsibility.”

The Protocol is based on best practices and reflects the work of J. Kevin Cameron, Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response. It will ensure common understanding of the Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) process.  The Protocol highlights a community response to violence, and the implementation of this Protocol supports collaborative planning among the partners to reduce violence and prevent traumatic events.  It emphasizes safe, caring, and restorative approaches, fosters timely sharing of information; and promotes early interventions and supportive and preventative planning.

Read the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment & Support Protocol brochure here.

To Read the Community Violence Threat Risk Assessment & Support Protocol signed document, follow this link (note this is a long document and may take some time to load).

To support the Protocol and to follow its recommendations, Regina Public Schools is sharing a "Fair Notice" letter with all school families in early May 2017. This letter will be available at the beginning of each school year to families, as well. Here is a copy of that letter.

To view the poster, please CLICK HERE.