Case of COVID-19 identified. Close contacts informed.

January 25, 2021 -- The Saskatchewan Health Authority informed us that there was one case of COVID-19 in an individual at the Regina Public Schools Division Office.

For the safety of all Division Office staff and visitors, and in consultation with Public Health, we have informed possible close contacts and provided them information about self-isolation. Close contacts are not to return to the Division Office until the completion of their quarantine period.

If there are any additional close contacts, they will be contacted directly by Public Health. A close contact is someone who has been within two metres (six feet) of someone for a cumulative 15 minutes. 

Enhanced Ventilation in Schools

JANUARY 22, 2021 – Regina Public Schools announces the completion of an important project that will contribute to the health and safety of all students and employees in all Regina Public schools and buildings.

All Regina Public facilities now have enhanced, new air filtration systems. Announced in October and in the Return to School Parent Handbook, the school division has increased airflow and replaced or updated all ventilation systems in all its schools and buildings.