2024 SVRP Recipients Announced!

JUNE 26, 2024—On behalf of the Regina Board of Education and Regina Public Schools administration, congratulations to the recipients of the 2024 Shared Values Recognition Program (SVRP) Award. Eleven Regina Public Schools employees have been chosen because they have exemplified the Shared Values: I am responsible; I want to know; I belong; and I respect.

They were nominated by someone in their school or workplace and chosen by the Selection Committee comprised of the Board of Trustees. To honour all the recipients, a reception and brief ceremony will be held in the fall of 2024.

Thank you to the 2024 SVRP recipients listed below for being leaders among your peers by demonstrating the values that form the fundamental beliefs that guide our school division.

- Christina Chatwell, Jr. FIAP Teacher, Dr. George Ferguson School

- Mike Foraie, Head Facility Technician, Arcola Community School (formerly at Walker School)

- Jeremy Gaboury, Core French Teacher, Campbell Collegiate

- Les Grad, Head Facility Technician, Douglas Park School

- Danielle Hackel, Vice-Principal and Grades 5/6 Teacher, Wilfred Hunt School

- Jennifer Huber, Jr. FIAP Teacher, W.F. Ready School

- Pam Korczak, Mental Health and Wellness Coordinator, Division Office

- Maria Makris-Nagel, Commercial Cooking and PAA Teacher, Campbell Collegiate

- Tanja Maxie-Poitras, miskasowin askîhk Land-Based Program Teacher, Campus Regina Public

- Gilliane Renwick, School-based Counsellor, Grant Road, George Lee School and Henry Janzen Schools

- Suzanne Shuba, Executive Assistant, Division Services and Student Achievement/School Services, Division Office

Please note that positions were for the 2023-24 school year.

For more information about the Shared Values Recognition Program, please go to the SVRP page