Métis Week and Louis Riel Day

NOVEMBER 13, 2023 — Statistics Canada reports that according to the 2021 census, approximately 6,300 people identified as Métis in Saskatchewan. Métis Week (November 12-18, 2023) and Louis Riel Day (November 16th) are recognized annually to commemorate the sacrifice made by Louis Riel to defend the rights of Métis people and to honour Métis heritage, history and contributions.

“During World War I, World War II and the Korean war, Métis from across the Métis Nation enlisted in the Canadian military. In military records, soldiers were categorized as either Treaty Indians (First Nations) or by their European ethnicities, with no category for Métis. Many Métis who volunteered during these wars were descendants of Métis who fought for Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont in 1885.” (Dave Pelletier, Moose Jaw, SK)

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