Regina Public Schools will provide remote learning for the 2022-23 school year. eSCHOOL (Regina Public Schools Online Learning) is for students who require an alternative way of learning outside of a school classroom.

Courses are specifically designed for learning in an online environment. Each online course will be taught by a teacher who will provide learning resources, activities, assessment and opportunities for interaction. Because online learning is facilitated through the Internet, course materials and activities will be accessible on an Internet-connected device to students currently registered at a Regina Public school. However, some learning is also designed to take place offline, in part to avoid excessive screen time.

Grades 1 to 12 curriculum will be available. Elementary curriculum will focus on literacy and numeracy. For Grades 1 to 8 students, an at-home learning mentor is required. High school course offerings will include required core credits (Math, Science, Social Studies and English), and a limited selection of common elective credits will be offered. High school students and families will be responsible for maintaining communication with their advisory teacher to monitor their credit counts.

Intensive Support programming and English as an Additional Language support may be offered. French Immersion programming will not be offered.

Students who register for eSchool will be required to commit to remote learning for a designated time frame. Part-time enrolment is not available. Students will have opportunities to return to their home school at natural transition times during the school year (end of reporting periods).

General registration for eSchool is facilitated through students’ home school.

For eSchool student registration guidelines, please CLICK HERE.