Adult Education

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Many young adults have not completed high school. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to this, many out of the control of the individual student. Our facility aims to provide those adults, aged 18-21, who have not completed high school the opportunity to complete a program that will enhance post-secondary education and career/employment opportunities.

We are committed to providing a mature, adult campus that supports the respective needs of students who are committing themselves to complete their education. We offer them the opportunity to complete a high school program using a mixture of daily lessons and course modules for each student. Therefore, students can work independently at their own pace, but with support from teaching staff.

The Adult Campus is pleased to offer a variety of programs to assist students in completing or upgrading their Grade 12 courses.


1 Allan Blakeney Adult Campus (4210 4th Ave. S4T 0H6   Ph: 306-523-3650)