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Self-Care for Employees and Families

March 16, 2020 -- Regina Public Schools is working to keep parents, students and staff informed during the uncertainty and confusion caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to thank all our school families for their understanding and their patience. Regina Public Schools would especially like to acknowledge and recognize all Regina Public Schools employees for their caring and for how supportive they have been to our students and their families.

This note is a reminder for everyone in the Regina Public Schools family to continue to take care of those around you, those who you love, but most of all, of yourselves. Please consider the following ideas to support you and your families in the coming days and weeks.

Johnson Student Named a 2020 Loran Scholar

FEBRUARY 26, 2020 -- We are thrilled to announce that Sabah Sharif, a Grade 12 student at F.W. Johnson Collegiate, has been named a 2020 Loran Scholar.

This year, the Loran Scholars Foundation selected 36 exceptional young Canadians from a pool of 5,194 applicants who demonstrate a firm commitment to character, service and leadership potential; breadth in academic and extracurricular interests; integrity; and a high level of personal autonomy.

Pink Day 2020

JANUARY 25, 2020 -- Pink Day will be held on Wednesday, February 26th this year. Pink Day started in 2007, when a Grade 9 student in Cambridge, Nova Scotia was bullied by classmates for wearing a pink shirt to school. Taking notice, two students rallied their peers to send a message to the bullies. The next day, the halls were filled with students in pink T-shirts.

Pink Day started because two boys chose to do something about bullying rather than stand by and watch it happen. Now the movement is worldwide, educating and inspiring others to stand together and take action against violence and bullying.

Thank you to all of our staff!

FEBRUARY 7, 2020 -- Staff Appreciation Week is February 9-15, 2020. Thank you, staff members of Regina Public Schools, for your caring and commitment to students and to the continuous improvement of public education in Regina. No matter your position with Regina Public Schools, we are all part of a very important job of educating our students and giving them the knowledge and skills to be successful. Every day you make a vital difference in the lives of students and their families!