Strategic Plan

Planning for Student Success

Regina Public Schools has a well-coordinated planning process, which enables alignment of the strategic plan and all school division planning activities with those of the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP). The Regina Public Schools Strategic Plan provides overall direction for everything the division does and serves as a guide to ensure that all RPS planning processes are in alignment with each other.

The Regina Public Schools Strategic Plan (2017-20) is guided by the ESSP and commits to student success through a Leadership for Learning framework and six core strategies:

  • Improve Indigenous student retention and achievement
  • Engage students, families, staff and community in education
  • Increase the number of Kindergarten students who enter Grade 1 ready to learn
  • Increase the number of students who achieve grade-level performance in literacy and numeracy
  • Increase graduation rates
  • Demonstrate effective governance, leadership and accountability

While a new Provincial Education Plan is under development, Regina Public Schools has developed a 2021-22+ Interim Strategic Plan Road to Recovery: Re-engagement that sets out our priorities and commitment for the current year.

The diversity of Regina’s neighbourhoods, student learning needs, and levels of community support for schools across the division dictate that a differentiated and incremental approach to target setting and goal attainment is necessary at the local school level. Therefore, School Strategic Plans (formally Learning Improvement Plans) at the school level are designed to achieve realistic, contextualized and incremental improvement in student results.

The Strategic Plan was developed following a number Continuous Improvement Plans from recent years. See a list of those plans below.


Regina Public Schools Interim Plan 2021-22+ Road to Recovery: Re-engagement

Regina Public Schools Strategic Plan 2017-2020

Regina Public Schools Strategic Plan 2014-2017

Continuous Improvement Plan 2013-14

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